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The idea behind Redprint was conceived early 2017 in Buffalo, NY.

High School friends from Albany, NY, Brennick and Michael were workout partners when they noticed how uncomfortable it was to start working out alone. As college roommates at the University at Buffalo they started brainstorming how to help others overcome gym anxiety and simplify learning to use the gym alone.

Originally developed as a low-cost 'Smartgym' solution they began to interview local fitness clubs about how they help their newest members get aclimated.

One year later, programmer James Morrow was added to the team.

In the fall of 2020, Redprint, Inc. was officially created.



Mike Headshot.png
brennick head shot.png

Brennick Hendrick-Fox
 COO & Co-Founder

James Morrow

 CTO & Co-Founder

James Headshot 2.png

Michael Heitz

CEO & Co-Founder

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