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Engage your members,
Discover your facility's usage
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Make your gym an
Interactive Gym

Available in:

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Engage novice gym-goers
With access to on-demand instructions from fellow-students/trainers, underclassmen can feel more comfortable and confident using your equipment.

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Enhance your gym's community
Redprint's social features are specific to your gym's community for increased social interaction virtually and in the gym.

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Get data feedback on equipment usage

Submit instructional videos for specific exercises and be the subject of on-demand content in your gym.

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AJ, Oswego student

"Redprint makes it simple for me to track workout activity by just scanning equipment"

Sunny, Buffalo student

"I never really tracked my workout and kinda just did whatever, but now it feels as if I have more structure."

Evan, Marist student

"As a beginner, having Immediate access to instructional videos makes it so easy for me to stay in the gym."
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Redprint tags installed on equipment
Easy installation; simply place a tag on a convenient location on the equipment.
Members TAP TO interact 
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By tapping a phone to a tag, your members can:
       - Access instructional videos
       - Add the exercise for tracking
       - Earn achievements from both 
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Promote your student trainers through easily accessible instructional videos located for all equipment.

If you don't have trainers, Redprint lets your more experience members provide guidance for others.
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strengthen your gym's community
Redprint’s community features increase interaction virtually, for greater familiarity with their peers in the gym.
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