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Engage your students,
discover your facilities usage
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make your gym an
interactive gym
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Trusted by universities and the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA). 
Join the group of colleges dedicated to engaging their students with their fitness facilities and help us lower the barrier for fitness education for beginners.

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Redprint is exclusive to UNIVERSITIES

Starting January 1st, 2023, Redprint is now expanding exclusively into universities and colleges. 

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Get insight into your facility's usage
Redprint collects student activity data and sends you monthly reports on which equipment usage frequency

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Engage novice gym-goers
With access to on-demand instructions from fellow-students/trainers, underclassmen can feel more comfortable and confident using your equipment.

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Enhance your gym's community
Redprint's social features are specific to your gym's community for increased social interaction virtually and in the gym.

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1 tag per equipment
Easy installation; simply place a tag on a convenient location on the equipment 
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By tapping a phone to a tag, your members can:
       - Watch instructional videos to erase confusion
       - Add the exercise for tracking
       - Earn achievements from both 
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Promote your student trainers through easily accessible instructional videos located for all equipment

If you don't have trainers, Redprint lets your more experience members provide workouts for others.
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strengthen your gym's community
Redprint’s community features increase interaction virtually, for greater familiarity in the gym
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