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Best Gyms in Queen City: The Top 5 Gyms in Buffalo, NY

Jada Blitz Gym
Jada Blitz

Buffalo, New York is a large city that offers a wide range of different types of gyms to match everyone's personal needs. There is a large selection of commercial gyms and private gyms that offer all different types of benefits from tanning, chiropractic care, personal training, and physical therapy.

These are our top 5 gyms commercial gyms in Buffalo, New York:

Overview: JadaBlitz Fitness is a well-known gym in the Buffalo area. They offer many gym services such as fitness classes, personal training, workout classes, nutrition help, contest prep and many others. They have a well-rounded environment with countless professional trainers who will work with you to reach your desired goals.


- Shake bar

- Fitness classes

- Physical therapy

- Contest prep

- Personal training

Membership details:

Jada Blitz offers 4 different memberships that each include their own special deals. They have an option for students that is discounted, so if you are a student this may be an option for you. Between all the different membership options there is definitely a membership for anyone. 

Overall JadaBlitz Fitness definitely stands out when it comes to gyms in Buffalo. They have shake bars, offer free fitness assessment and free nutrition consultation included with all memberships, along with offering competition preparation. If you are interested in competition training or just want a well rounded gym environment JadaBlitz could be for you. 


Check out this article from StepOutBuffalo for an in-depth look at JadaBlitz’s membership options. 


Overview: Catalyst Fitness is one of the biggest gyms that is native in the Buffalo area. They have 7 locations all throughout Buffalo for your convenience. Catalyst is a family owned gym that started with one location and branched out over time. Having it be a family owned business they have certain perks in their gym that other bigger, commercial gyms may not think about. Catalyst offers classes and has cardio/free weights like the other gyms listed


- Saunas

- Movie cardio rooms

- Turf

- Variety of machines

- Personal training

- Dedicated leg day room

Membership options: Catalyst offers 2 types of memberships. The ultimate membership is 40 dollars a month and allows for unlimited classes, unlimited guest privileges, and two InBody Scans per month. They also have a premier which is 30 dollars a month and includes access to all locations along with guest privileges at their home club only.

Catalyst is not your boring planet fitness gym. Their personal trainers are dedicated and the owners take feedback from the community and implement the ideas back into the gym to create a well rounded environment. Their cardio movie room is one of a kind and I have never seen another gym provide this anywhere. 


Grab a free tour pass and fitness assessment at any Catalyst location here.


Overview: Synergy Fitness is also a family owned gym in Buffalo New York just like Catalyst Fitness. They have one location that is located in East Amherst and offer a variety of free weights, classes, one on one personal training sessions, and cardio equipment. At Synergy Fitness they state they want to improve not just your physical shape and strength but also you psychological aspects of your life


- Nutritional, kinetics, recovery psychological guidance.

- Personal Training

- Turf

- Personal training session packages

- Free weights

- Cardio equipment

Membership options: Synergy Fitness has multiple different membership options for each specific person's needs. They offer couples memberships, youth memberships and even student memberships which most gyms do not. Their personal training packages range from single sessions, which are 45 dollars, up to 12 session packages which are 540 dollars.

Overall, Synergy has a great community/environment that will help any individual meet their physical fitness goals. With a wide range of membership options and offering guidance in classes and one-on-one personal training sessions, Synergy Fitness would be a great choice for any beginner or experienced gym goer. 


Get a free 7-day guest pass to try out Synergy Fitness here.


Overview: LA fitness is a well-known gym all over the United States and there are more than just one location in the Buffalo area making it more practical depending on where you are located within Buffalo. They provide all sorts of ways to enhance your fitness lifestyle including personal training, group fitness classes, indoor pools and saunas and many other benefits. 


- Saunas

- Basketball courts

- Personal training

- Group classes

- Free weights

- Pilates classes

Membership options: LA Fitness offers two membership options which both include a 59 annual fee. Their classic membership option allows you to use all LA Fitness locations within your state, has a 75 enrollment fee and is 34.99 a month and does not include a guest pass. Their 2nd option is 44.99 a month, no enrollment fee and does allow a guest pass. 

Overall LA Fitness is a great option as it allows for the transfer of locations and has reasonably priced membership options.


LA Fitness offers a three-day trial pass to try out their Elmwood Ave location.  


Overview: Crunch Fitness is a large company with multiple locations. They offer countless benefits which include locker rooms, free weights and different training classes to name a few. It’s a great gym for just about anyone as they have classes if you are new to the gym but also have free weights for more experienced gym goers.


- Personal training

- Group training classes

- Cardio and free weight equipment

- TRX equipment

- Hydromassage

- Tanning

Membership options: Crunch Fitness has different types of memberships. Their base membership, with no contract (month-to-month payment), includes access to the locker rooms and free weight equipment and is 15 dollars a month with a 50 dollar enrollment fee. Their other base option is contract oriented, meaning you must pay monthly for one year and have a 40 dollar enrollment fee to get the same benefits as the non-contracted option. They also offer a “Peak Plus” membership that is 25 dollars a month and does not have an enrollment fee and you are also given your first month free. This membership gives you the same benefits as the basic memberships but does include access to group fitness classes and allows for unlimited guest passes. 

Overall this gym is reasonably priced with their Peak Plus as it includes their group fitness classes. Classes and personal training can be expensive so this leaves you with this option to join their gym, be included in their classes, and have access to their free weights/cardio equipment. 


Crunch offers a 7-Day All Access Pass at 5 different Buffalo locations. Fill out the form and get a complimentary training session too!




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