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The University at Buffalo: Alumni Arena Fitness Classes Breakdown

At the University at Buffalo, there is a wide variety of workout classes offered to students. These are designed to cater to all fitness levels and interests. Whether you are a student looking to stay active, maintain a healthy lifestyle, or explore new fitness trends, you will find a class to suit your needs. Below are class descriptions about the different classes and the benefits of each workout. 


Power yoga is a dynamic and transformative workout that combines physical strength with mental well-being. It is designed to improve muscle strength and cardiovascular health, as it features challenging poses and fast transitions. Moving quickly from one pose to another builds physical stamina and requires mental focus and agility. Power yoga promotes a deeper mind-body connection throughout the workout. The sequences and poses stretch muscles, improving flexibility and range of motion. This fast-paced workout not only enhances flexibility and balance but also serves as a great cardio workout. This can lead to weight loss and overall fitness improvement. 

Beyond power yoga’s physical benefits, it promotes relaxation and stress reduction through movement and mindful breathing. Ideally, power yoga is suited for individuals familiar with yoga and comfortable in an intense fitness environment. It is perfect for those used to long workouts and looking for a physical challenge and mental clarity. Step onto your mat and experience the blend of strength, balance, and peacefulness that power yoga has to offer. Whether you want to enhance your fitness or get away from daily stressors, power yoga can calm your mind in 60 minutes or less per session. 


Spin classes offer a thrilling and effective workout experience. Also known as cycling classes, these sessions take place inside indoor cycling studios where participants ride a stationary bike. Spin classes are known for their ability to deliver a high-intensity workout with minimal impact on joints. Stationary bikes provide a stable platform for exercise led by an instructor. These instructors guide riders through sprints, climbs, and resistance levels on the bike. One of the highlights of spin classes is the music. An upbeat soundtrack is selected to match the intensity and pace of the workout, keeping you focused and energized. 

There are many benefits of taking spin classes, including weight loss, improved strength, and cardiovascular health. Spinning is an effective way to burn calories. Each class is between 45 minutes to an hour, and each class burns between 400-600 calories. This challenges all major muscle groups- quads, calves, glutes, and core- ensuring a full body workout. Regular spinning sessions can also significantly improve your cardiovascular health. The high-intensity intervals boost your heart rate and enhance overall heart function. 


Circuit training is a versatile workout method that involves rotating through different exercises to target various parts of the body. Unlike a traditional workout that focuses on specific exercises, circuit training refers to how a workout is structured. Typically, a circuit includes up to 10 different exercises, each performed for a set number of repetitions or a specific amount of time. These are usually done for 10-15 reps or 30-90 seconds. After completing one exercise, you move on to the next with little to no rest in between. Doing so helps maintain high intensity throughout the workout. This approach not only enhances strength but promotes weight loss by doing different activities such as rowing, elliptical training, or running. 

One of the greatest benefits of circuit training is its efficiency, making it ideal for people with limited free time to exercise. Classes usually last between 30-45 minutes. The individualized nature of circuit training allows participants to tailor their routines to meet personal fitness goals. Whether you are trying to increase strength, lose weight, or improve heart health, circuit could be for you. By alternating between different exercises that work on different muscle groups, circuit training is sure to provide a full-body workout. With minimal rest periods, your heart rate stays elevated, making it a great choice for those looking to improve heart health. 


Zumba is a high-energy, fun workout that involves choreographed movements set to upbeat salsa and international music. This creates a dance class experience that feels more like a party than exercise. With its Latin-inspired songs and fast pace routines, Zumba is a medium-intensity workout. It is safe and effective for improving cardiovascular health, balance, coordination, agility, and strength. One of the greatest parts of Zumba is that you do not need any dance skills to join and have a great time. The music is infectious, making you want to dance. Each session is led by a Zumba-certified instructor who makes the moves easy to follow and ensures the energy levels stay high. 

Typically lasting 45-60 minutes, Zumba classes cater to all fitness levels and interests, making it a great option for anyone looking to stay active. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, Zumba is a welcoming and inclusive environment. By focusing on enjoyment and movement, Zumba helps participants improve their overall fitness in a way that feels enjoyable, making exercise a dance party that everyone can enjoy. 


High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, has changed the fitness world with its efficient and effective approach to exercise. This training method involves mixing repeated short bursts of high-intensity aerobic exercise within a workout, with low to medium intensity periods. The idea is to push hard for a brief period, typically 20 seconds to a few minutes, before slowing down for an equal or longer rest period. The cycle of high and low intensity can make your heart race and muscles work hard in a short timeframe. A typical HIIT session can be as short as 10 minutes plus a warm-up and cool down, through 20-30 minute sessions are more common. 

HIIT workouts can include a variety of exercises such as running, brisk walking, cycling, stair climbing, jump rope, and sprinting. One of the biggest benefits of HIIT is its ability to burn a significant amount of calories in a short time. This can help with both fat loss and muscle gain. Additionally, regular HIIT workouts can reduce heart rate and blood pressure, leading to better cardiovascular health. However, it is important to allow for adequate recovery between sessions to avoid injury and ensure long-term success. By incorporating HIIT into your routine, you can achieve remarkable fitness results without spending hours at the gym. 


Dance Fit Fusion is an exhilarating aerobic dance class designed to provide a total body workout through choreographed exercises set to music. This class combines light bodyweight training with dance routines, creating a blend of fun and fitness. Participants move to the rhythm of pop, hip-hop, and popular dance songs. Each session feels more like a dance party than an actual workout. The choreography ensures that every major muscle group is engaged, helping to develop mobility, endurance, and stamina. 

What sets Dance Fit Fusion apart from other workouts is its inclusivity and accessibility. You do not need any prior dance experience to join. This class is designed for all fitness levels. Whether you are a seasoned dancer or a complete beginner, you will find the routines easy to follow and enjoyably challenging. The upbeat music and energetic atmosphere make it a perfect option for someone wanting a fun cardio workout. If you are looking to improve your fitness while also having fun, Dance Fit Fusion is a perfect class to try. 

The fitness classes offered at the University at Buffalo cater to students of all fitness levels and interests. From high-energy cardio sessions to calming yoga, each class is designed to improve physical health, and mental well-being and create a sense of community. UB’s diverse range of fitness classes offers something for everyone. Transform your fitness journey today and take your first fitness class at Alumni Arena, located on the University at Buffalo campus!


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